Some good pruners include Felco 2, Felco 6, Corona BP 3180, and ARS HP-VS8Z, as noted by the Sweethome site. Some other recommended pruners are the Bahco PX series and Florian hatchet pruners.

After testing approximately 39 of these product types, Sweethome chose the Felco 2 Classic manual hand pruner as one of the better devices for cutting through branches cleanly without leaving any ragged edges. It has sharp blades and is easily repaired. Although it is more expensive than some other brands, the Felco 2 pruner is also more durable. The Felco 6 pruner is more suitable for people with small hands. This model is also quite sharp, but it weighs less and has shorter handles.

A unique feature of the ARS HP-VS8Z model is that it has very sharp blades when compared with the other pruners tested. They are considered heavy duty pruners and suitable for professional use. The blade is hard-chrome plated to protect it against rusting. The Corona BP 3180 is an economical pruner that has sharp blades. Compared to the more expensive brands, This pruner's cutting performance is also good.

Among the picks for other recommended pruners were the Bahco PX series and the Florian ratchet pruner, according to Rodale's OrganicLife. The Bahco PX series pruner has options such as different head sizes and is available in either left or right-handed products. For increased hand strength, Florian ratchet pruners may be good options. These pruner types are designed specifically for cutting strong stems and branches without needing to use great force. Another recommended pruner is the Felco 8.