Mobile storage containers come in metal, wood, plastic or fiberglass. The storage containers also come in different sizes and styles. PODS is one brand of mobile storage, while Door to Door is another.

Metal storage units sturdy because they're made from reinforced metal. This makes metal storage units durable and stable. However, the increased density of the material can make such mobile units heavy and expensive. Mobile storage units made of metal are considered suitable for long-term storage, especially for large items.

PODS is a company that offers metal storage units. The company's storage containers come in three sizes. The smallest PODS container is 7-foot by 7-foot and 8 feet high. It's suitable for one furnished room. The middle size is 12-foot by 8-foot by 8-foot and fits two to three room furnishings. The large container is 16-foot by 8-foot by 8-foot and fits three to four room furnishings.

Plastic mobile storage units are suitable for light-weight materials. The material makes plastic storage units lighter and easier to maneuver. However, they're also less durable.

Wooden storage units are made of construction-grade wood. Wooden mobile storage units offer better ventilation than metal or plastic. This makes wooden units better suited for long-term storage.

Door to Door is a company offering wooden storage containers. The containers are 5 feet wide, 8 feet long and 7 feet high. They can hold roughly one room's worth of furnishings.

Fiberglass storage units are light and durable. They don't peel, rust or peel, and this makes them good for long-term storage in the elements.