The process of dyeing leather begins with applying deglazer to remove the shiny finish and stains from the surface of the leather. Spray a light mist of water to wet the leather before dye is applied using a cotton dauber or a soft-bristled scrub brush, and leave it to dry.

The essential materials required include deglazer, a wool dauber, a spray bottle, dye solution, a mixing container, rubber gloves and a leather finishing solution (sealant). Move the piece of furniture into an open area for easy dyeing, and then apply the deglazer using a cotton dauber to remove stains, oils or any dirt, allowing the dye to fully penetrate the leather. Sprinkle water on the furniture using a spray bottle. While the leather is wet, shake the dye or stir it vigorously to achieve an even tone when dyeing. Next, apply the dye on the furniture using a sponge and by making a dabbing, not wiping, motion. Apply the dye in a smooth and even pattern for a fine finish. The leather needs to dry for at least two hours or longer, depending on its type. After the dye is dry, use a piece of clothing to wipe off any extra dye. The last step is to apply a leather finishing solution with a sponge and a spray bottle.