To use a smoothie maker, insert the pitcher on the unit, add the required ingredients, put the lid in place, insert the stirring stick and then run the smoothie maker on high for one minute. Blend on low for 30 seconds to get an evenly blended smoothie, as eHow instructs.

Once you insert the pitcher into the base of the smoothie maker, twist it to ensure the proper connection. Add the required ingredients into the pitcher, such as one-half to one cup of chopped fruit, one cup of frozen or fresh yogurt, and a quarter cup of milk or half a cup of juice. Add enough ice cubes, usually four to six, to bring the smoothie mix up to the mark given on the pitcher.

Then, place the lid on the maker before inserting the stirring stick. Run the smoothie maker for one minute on its high setting. Using the stick, stir the mix in the opposite direction. Push visible fruit pieces to the center of the pitcher with the stick to blend them.

If the smoothie is well blended, dispense it from the tap located at the base of the pitcher. If there are any fruit pieces left, blend again for 30 seconds on low. Repeat this process as long as necessary to make a smoothie with a smooth consistency.