Propagating cuttings from bamboo differs depending upon the type of bamboo. If you want to take cuttings from running bamboo, which is the type of bamboo that spreads out rather than clumps, follow this procedure. Start by gathering the materials you need, which include long-handed loppers, mulch, a pruning saw, a spade and a trowel.

  1. Check the bamboo

    Dig around the edge of the bamboo with a trowel to see if it has sprouted any new buds and rhizomes. Do this on a non-windy, cool spring day before any new culms sprout.

  2. Cut the right rhizomes

    Select sections of rhizomes with at least two to four culms with buds and two nodes. Cut the rhizomes from the parent plant with either long-handed loppers or a saw.

  3. Plant the rhizome

    Cover the base of the parent plant with soil immediately. Cut back the culms to at least one-third of their height. Plant the rhizome at the same depth as the parent plant in rich, organic soil in a container or in the ground.

  4. Care for the new plant

    Water the parent plant and rhizome thoroughly. Mulch the plants with 2 inches of bark or organic material and then stake the culms.