Store vinyl records in boxes by using a combination of inner and outer sleeves, vinyl bags, record dividers and archive storage boxes. The inner record sleeves are the only storage materials that should make contact with the record itself.

Inner record sleeves should be made out of thin plastic liner that is placed within a paper sleeve, or an all-plastic round bottomed sleeve. All-paper inner record sleeves should be avoided at all costs because they can scratch and damage the vinyl over time.

The best outer record sleeves are generally roomy and slightly flimsy. Although thick plastic outer record sleeves may appear more durable, the material can compress when many records are stored together. This causes the plastic to stick to the record sleeve which can damage the sleeve's artwork.

Vinyl bags are an excellent alternative to inner and outer record sleeves. The Mylar bags are equipped with an adhesive strip that allows it to be sealed which helps protect the records from potentially damaging airborne particles like dust.

Dividers should be included in storage boxes as well in order to properly organize the records. Although cheap cardboard or plastic dividers can be used, it is best to invest in more durable wood or other strong divider material.

Top down, 19-liter plastic boxes are best type to use when storing records for an extended period of time. Cardboard boxes should not be used as they are not strong enough and break down quickly.