To make a fountain from a ceramic pot, only a few supplies and a few days are needed. The flowers, aquatic plants and even fish that are added can vary to complement the surrounding landscape.

  1. Gather the materials needed

    To turn a ceramic pot into a fountain, find a large pot at least 24 inches across, the desired pump and fountain, tubing, pre-mixed quick dry cement, liquid water sealant, rocks or bricks, outlet with ground fault circuit interrupter and flowers, plants and fish. If desired, an additional bucket can be used as a reservoir for the fountain.

  2. Dig the foundation

    Dig a hole to allow the ceramic pot to sit at the desired angle. If using a reservoir, dig a hole directly in front of the pot deep enough to fit the bucket flush with the ground.

  3. Place the pump

    For a fountain with a reservoir, build a small ledge for the pump with a brick in the bottom of the bucket. Cover the reservoir with mesh wire. If only a pot is used, pull the electrical cord through the hole in the bottom of the pot, seal the remainder of the hole with concrete, then set the pump on a brick inside the pot.

  4. Set the pot

    Place the pot in the hole. Adjust the wires and tubing for the pump as needed, and use rocks or bricks to cover the reservoir or to decorate the bottom of the pot. For a fountain with reservoir, cover all the mesh and create a place for the water to splash onto the rocks and drain back into the bucket.

  5. Seal pot and check function

    If needed, seal the inside of the pot with waterproof sealant. Make sure the pot is watertight. Fill with water, check the pump's function and check the pot for leaks. Allow the water to sit for a few days to let chlorine dissipate if needed.

  6. Add finishing touches

    Add flowers, plants and fish for a decorative touch. Ensure the water level doesn't drop below the pump to prevent it from burning out. Adjust the rocks as needed, and check the flow of water through the fountain.