To install a garbage disposal, add the assembly, install the mounting ring, attach the power cord, add the disposal unit, connect the supply lines, and lock the disposal in place. You need plumber's putty, a wrench and a screwdriver to complete this project.

  1. Install the assembly

    Close the opening of the sink with plumber's putty, and install the new sink flange into the putty. Have someone hold the sink flange while you install the triangular ring and fibrous gasket onto the sink flange from under the sink. Place a snap ring on the sink flange sleeve.

  2. Attach the mounting ring

    Affix the mounting assembly tighter by screwing in three mounting screws in an even fashion. Tighten the mounting ring to make sure there is applicable pressure at the bottom of the sink.

  3. Attach the power cord

    Remove the plate at the bottom of the disposal device. Connect the wires with wire nuts. Connect the wire from the disposal to the white power cord. Connect the black wires together and the green ground wire to the green wire. Place the wires in the disposal box, and reapply the cover plate.

  4. Install the unit

    Line the disposal with three mounting ears of the mounting assembly. Lower the assembly until the ears lock the assembly.

  5. Connect the drain lines

    Affix the discharge tube to the disposal device with gaskets and screws. Make sure that the tube is in sync with the waste trap. Add the extensions pieces to secure proper connections. Connect the disposal to the dishwasher if applicable.

  6. Lock the disposal

    Maneuver the cam collar of the disposal with a screwdriver. Tighten the connections, and turn on the water as a test. Restore power to the circuit that powers the disposal.