To install a chandelier, insert a fan brace into the ceiling, attach the chandelier to it and connect the chandelier to the nearest wiring box. The required supplies are a chandelier, a fan brace, a ladder, insulated gloves, a flat screwdriver, twist-on wire connecting caps, a small pry bar and a wrench. This procedure usually takes about 90 minutes.

  1. Turn off the electricity

    Open the main electrical panel, and disable the electricity in the chandelier room. Flip the light switches in the chandelier room to ensure that it has no power.

  2. Remove the existing light fixture

    Put on insulated safety gloves. Place a ladder beneath the existing light fixture, then climb it and unscrew the existing light's base. Disconnect the light from the electrical box, and slowly pull it out of the ceiling. Climb down, and set the old fixture aside.

  3. Pry out the old electrical box

    Climb the ladder, and remove the old electrical box. Use a screwdriver or pry bar if the box does not readily come free. Set the box aside.

  4. Install the fan brace

    Slip the fan brace through the hole in the ceiling, and set it on the surrounding drywall. Twist the brace until its side spikes dig into the adjacent joists. Tighten the brace with a wrench.

  5. Assemble and adjust the chandelier

    Lay the chandelier on a flat surface, and guide its wires through its chain. Adjust the chain's length according to your preference, then thread it through the chain holder and the mounting bar.

  6. Attach the chandelier to the electrical box

    Climb the ladder. Use the screwdriver to attach the chandelier's mounting bar to the electrical box.

  7. Connect the grounding wires

    Connect the copper grounding wire on the electrical box to the green screw on the chandelier's mounting bar. Wrap the wire around the screw, then twist the end around the chandelier's copper grounding wire.

  8. Connect the other wires

    Locate the chandelier's double lamp wire. One of the wires is plain, and the other has a textured or decorated surface. Isolate this wire, and wrap it together with the white wire coming out of the electrical box. Connect the chandelier's plain wire to the black wire attached to the electrical box.

  9. Cover the wire ends

    Place twist-on caps over all exposed wire ends.

  10. Tuck the wires into the ceiling

    Tuck the wires into the ceiling. Lift the chandelier's canopy, place it flush against the ceiling, and twist the retaining collar to lock it into place.

  11. Turn on the electricity

    Open the main electrical panel, and reactivate the chandelier's power supply.