Concrete is adhered to concrete by using glue or epoxy that is made for that specific application such as products available from Liquid Nails, Locktite and Gorilla Glue. The exact product to use depends on the application, including indoor or outdoor use, exposure to moisture, repairs or construction.

Liquid Nails produces several contractor grade adhesives for concrete, including Concrete Repair and Landscape Block Adhesive. Most of the formulation are multi-use, weatherproof and available in caulk style tubes for easy and accurate mechanical application. Typically, it is recommended not to apply the product in cold or wet weather which can affect the curing process. The products are usually dry in one hour but take five days to a week to fully cure.

Locktite's PL500 is also designed for personal or contractor use. It comes in easy application caulk tubes and it is effective for concrete, block and stone work. It can be used under a variety of conditions including temperatures from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with wet, dry or frozen materials. The adhesive requires four to five days to fully cure.

Gorilla Glue claims to be 100 percent waterproof and works for all indoor and outdoor applications. It comes in squeeze bottles ranging from 3-grams to 36-ounces in size so users can buy only what they need.