To keep wood furniture clean, owners must regularly dust, clean and polish the wood. The methods to follow vary depending on the type and age of the wood. There are professional and homemade products to accomplish this purpose.

Dusting wood furniture on a regular basis helps prevent the build-up of dust and dirt on the surface. Is it best to use a gentle duster like a feather duster, lint-free cloths or a lamb's-wool duster. People who choose to dust with a damp cloth should wipe their furniture with a lint-free cloth afterwards to remove any excess moisture.

To clean sticky spots or stubborn dirt off of wood furniture, use a mixture of warm water and a mild soap. Avoid all-purpose cleaners which can strip the finish off the wood. To clean the wood, owners need to dip a soft cloth in the water, wipe away the spot and dry it immediately. Regular polishing also helps to preserve the wood's finish and keep it looking good. Owners can use commercial polishers and apply them with a clean cloth. They should then buff the furniture with a separate cloth. For those people who want to take a more natural approach, they can mix olive oil, lemon juice, gum turpentine and denatured alcohol in equal parts to create a homemade polish for their wood furniture.