Building a cabinet requires drawing plans, cutting wood to the appropriate dimensions and attaching pieces together using glue, nails or screws. You can use modern fixtures and avoid embellishments to create a modern cabinet look.

Before planning cabinets, it's important to measure the space to make sure the plans are compatible. Designers can create cabinet designs using a computer program or by drawing plans on paper. It's often best to using 1/16-inch increments to stick to standards.

After choosing a wood for the cabinets, builders can cut the wood with a table saw or have professionals at a home improvement store perform the cutting. Nails and screws are popular for creating cabinets. Another option is to glue the cabinet together and use finishing nails to ensure a solid fit. Gentle hammering with a large mallet can help you create a tight fit.

Modern cabinets often lack any embellishment on the front, so flat boards of wood work well. Wood stains are a good option for creating a natural and modern look; using solid coloring works as well. It's important to use multiple coats of paint and to let it dry in between coats. Clear coats are also good for protecting the cabinet and providing a bit of shine or a matte look; polyurethane is a popular choice due to its durability.