Commercial furniture manufacturers often use lacquer to finish their pieces. With this finish, you are able to repair minor scratches easily. A multi-step approach allows you to begin with the simplest fix and progress to the more complex.

  1. Apply car wax to minor scratches

    According to Do It Yourself, a coat of car wax hides minor scratches in lacquer. Begin by removing any wax already on the surface. Apply two coats of wet finish wax to diminish the appearance of any scratches.

  2. Buff out finish-only scratches

    If the car wax does not disguise the scratch, buff it out using #0000 steel wool. When buffing with steel wool, be careful that you only buff enough to eliminate the scratch, and do not rub through the finish. Apply liquid wax using a cloth and a circular motion. When the wax dries, buff it with a soft cloth.

  3. Sand and refinish deep scratches

    If you buff through the finish and the scratch remains, sand the piece to remove the scratch. Once the scratch is gone, sand with fine sandpaper to smooth out the surface. Spray two coats of the appropriate type of lacquer to restore the finish. Once the lacquer is dry, wax the surface, and buff to restore the shine.