Reduce indoor dust by controlling the dust mite population through cleaning. Reducing clutter throughout the house cuts down on a considerable amount of dust, and keeping walls and other surfaces bare prevents dust from gathering. Washing bedding, pillows and stuffed toys weekly in hot water to kill dust mites can also help cut down on dust in the home.

Vacuuming can help remove a considerable amount of dust in a home; however, if done with a poor-quality vacuum, it can also put a lot of additional dust in the air. For the best results, use a vacuum that is rated for use for people who suffer from asthma as this type of vacuum removes the most allergens from surfaces without dispersing them into the air.

Keep windows and doors closed to prevent additional dust and pollen from entering the house. Change heater and air-conditioning filters regularly to cut down on dust and prevent it from being dispersed throughout the house. If you have allergies, wear a dust mask when cleaning to prevent a reaction to the dust. Use a damp cloth to remove dust from surfaces instead of a dry one to prevent the dust from becoming airborne.