Parents often write letters to their daughter as she is about to be married to give her advice, express their love and pride in her, acknowledge the specialness of the day and recapitulate their lives together as their daughter prepares to begin a family with her new husband. A letter to a daughter can be a cherished keepsake and warm memento on a wedding day.

The day a daughter gets married is not only an important day for the bride and groom, but also a major milestone for the bride's parents. Writing a letter to their daughter for her wedding is a way for many parents to acknowledge the profound change their entire family is about to encounter.

Many parents use the occasion to give their daughter wisdom based on what they learned in their own marriage and which they may never have had the opportunity to share in person. Because a wedding day can be so hectic and busy, often the parents of the bride barely get to see her before she is off on her honeymoon. Writing a letter to the bride that she can tuck away to read on the honeymoon is a way to prolong the beauty of the wedding day and help the parent-daughter relationship begin to move into a new phase.