Thanksgiving speech samples are available at, and The speeches discuss how important it is for families to come together and how the year's struggles are an opportunity for people to grow.

A Thanksgiving speech may include discussion of Thanksgiving's history, or a reflection on thankfulness, according to When preparing a speech, it is important to consider who is in the audience and the kind of message they appreciate.

The speech's purpose is also important; some speakers want to inspire their audience, while others want to make them laugh. Considering whether the event is formal or informal can assist with this.

The speech's body should contain around three main points, with a transition from each one to the next. Once the body is written, the conclusion should be added. The conclusion should summarize the body and end with a quote or other engaging statement.

From here it is simple to write an appropriate introduction. The introduction should make the guests feel welcome and introduce the speech's themes.

Friends and family members may notice aspects of the speech that the author misses, such as the tone and the length.Practicing in front of one or two people before giving the speech can be helpful.