When writing a condolence note to express sympathy after the loss of someone's father, include heartfelt sentiment and honest feelings. Adding a memory of the deceased person and an offer of help or support is also appropriate.

Begin with the proper greeting. "Dear Smith Family" or "My dear friend Beth" are both acceptable. If needed, include "and children" or "and family" in the greeting.

Start the condolence note by expressing true, honest feelings. "My heart breaks for the loss of your father. I know he was very special to you" or "Please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss. We were shocked to hear of your father's passing" are appropriate sentiments to share. The nature of the relationship with the bereaved determines the intimacy of the exact wording.

In the body of the note, include a memory, funny story, or favorite saying from the deceased. Remind a best friend of her father's words before graduation, or express appreciation for the garden bounty shared by a neighbor's father. Additionally, offer help and support. "We will drop a meal off for your family next Thursday" or "I'll call you for a grocery list next week before I make my shopping trip" let the grieving family know they have people around them to lean on.

End with another expression of sorrow and sympathy. "We'll be in prayer for your family" or "You'll be in our thoughts" are simple and heartfelt ways to close a condolence letter.