has a page dedicated to 50th birthday presents for men with a wide range of ideas for dads. These include HD video camera binoculars, a plot of land in Ireland's countryside, a stainless steel personalized grilling tool set and an automatic BBQ grill cleaning robot.

The 50th birthday is a milestone, fitting for a present more personalized and slightly more expensive than other years. The perfect present for a 50-year-old dad needs to be as unique as the dad himself. Consider is how the recipient likes to spend their time when shopping for a gift. If they enjoy listening to his old records, maybe a Crosley turntable is the choice for him. If he is in need of a new wallet, a nice leather wallet would be a great replacement. If he is sentimental, then elegantly bound "The Times of Your Life" book may be suitable. If he enjoys quality alcohol, a Scotch of the Month Club may be perfect.

Some father's may enjoy a large celebration for their 50th birthday with the presence of friends and family and some cheap gag gifts from an outlet like Party City to make everyone laugh. With his unique interests in mind, sites with 50th birthday idea compilations, are great places to start searching.