Heifer and Toys for Tots offer free Christmas presents for needy children. Individuals donate to the programs, and the program then works with local charities to distribute to children accordingly.

The Heifer organization accepts gifts to help eliminate hunger and poverty. Some of the gifts through Heifer provide clean water, healthy homes, and basic necessities for children and their families. View the gifts section of the website to see a variety of gifts for different causes. Sign up for the email list to receive periodic updates as well. The goal of Heifer is to help families in needy countries achieve self-reliance.

The U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program manages the receipt and delivery of gifts to children from its headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana. Campaigns are run each year across 700 communities and the 50 states. The Toys for Tots coordinator in a specific area facilitates local toy collection campaigns that start as early as October. The toy distribution then takes place during Christmas time in December. Coordinators, social welfare agencies, church groups and other local community members then work to distribute toys to children in need. Corporate and local business leaders also play a pivotal role in the program's execution.