An invitation to a church event should include the type of event, the date and time of the event and the location, at a minimum. Some examples of church events that might require an invitation are church picnics, pastor recognition ceremonies and centennial celebrations.

Sending invitations to a church event is an alternative to a generic flyer hung on the bulletin board or inserted in the Sunday program. Invitations are more personal and, therefore, recipients may be more likely to attend the event.

It is important to include a few key points in the invitation to ensure potential attendees receive all the necessary information.

  • The type of event should be stated near the beginning of the invite. Doing so gives invitees an idea of how to prepare, such as proper clothing or what to bring, if anything.
  • It is important to state when the event is going to take place. Include the day of the week as well as the time of day.
  • The location of the event is an important piece of information that should be included as well. Quite often the events are at the church but, if not, it may be helpful to include a map for those who are unfamiliar with the area.
  • A short description of what to expect at the event, as well as an approximate time frame, is helpful for people to make plans to attend.