Residents can learn holiday trash collection schedules by checking information on local government websites, including that of the Department of Public Works. Residents can also check for holiday schedules on the website by entering address and ZIP code information. Members of condominium associations can submit inquiries about schedule changes to the board of directors or relevant committee.

Holiday trash collection schedules differ depending on one's address and the scheduling practices of a particular neighborhood, city or town. Typically, residents must provide information such as street address and ZIP code to receive trash collection scheduling details. Some locations offer online applications to help residents remember holiday schedules; for example, the City of Boston's Trash Day App sends reminders about schedule changes to users.

Often, holiday schedules for trash collection are posted months ahead of time. For example, as of October 2015, the city of Athens, Ohio offered the holiday collection schedule through New Year's Day, 2016 on the city website. According to this site, most holiday schedules follow a one-day delay pattern through the rest of the week, with Thursday and Friday collections both scheduled on Friday.

Certain holidays are more likely to follow a holiday collection schedule than others; for example, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are major holidays that require alternate collection days in many cities and towns. Other holidays, such as Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Columbus Day or Veteran's Day, may or may not follow holiday schedules. For example, Kansas City, Missouri has no trash pickup on President's Day, while Athens follows the regular weekly schedule that day. Check local government resources for schedule information for these holidays.