Thanksgiving Eve, also known as "Black Wednesday," is considered the biggest drinking night of the year in the United States of America. Bar owners and drink traders admit to the night before Thanksgiving as being one of the most favorable for business. Law enforcement officials are also on high alert during this time in order to avert drunk driving cases that are frequently reported during the time.

The following reasons are perhaps what makes Thanksgiving Eve the biggest drinking night of the year:

Almost everyone gets time off: since Thanksgiving is one of the most recognized holiday in the United States, almost everyone gets a day off. Almost all schools and workplaces remain closed during the day. This means that everyone is free to spend the time in a manner they deem fit. Most of the people who have reached legal age opt to take a drink or two during the night since they do not have to worry about classes or work in the morning.

Catching up: Thanksgiving Eve gives people a chance to catch up with old friends who had moved to different cities. Getting together over a drink or two is considered the best way to catch up.

Relaxation: the night allows everyone that has been working hard to just sit back and relax. Drinking is widely accepted as a way to relax and just have a good time.