Having a predetermined seating chart is the easiest way to arrange rehearsal dinner seats. Creating the seating chart involves careful planning and consideration of the members of the wedding party.

Large rehearsal dinners or dinners where many people attending have never met benefit greatly from a seating chart. It makes seating easier both for the bride and groom as well as the rehearsal guests.

To determine how to arrange seating, begin by reviewing the list of those who are scheduled to participate in the rehearsal. If there are people who do not get along well, make sure they will be at different tables. It is impolite to force them to sit together.

Next, consider how the party should be grouped. One possibility is to arrange for everyone with similar interests to sit together. This allows for conversation to flow easily. Another option is to arrange for people who have not had the opportunity to meet to sit near each other. This helps build new connections.

The choice of food is a third option for arranging seating. If you are serving multiple entrees, such as chicken or vegetarian, grouping people by meal preference makes it easier for the caterer to ensure that everyone gets the correct meal.