"Once In A Lifetime" by Ryan Guerrero is a thoughtful poem for family reunion gatherings. "The Blessings Of A Big Family" by Jennifer L. Sylvester is an appropriate poem for a large gathering. "Family Anthem" by Ross Porter is a reunion poem that families can sing together.

Ryan Guerrero of Denver, Colorado, wrote the poem "Once In A Lifetime" for a reunion in 2008. The poem is a poignant reminder of passing time, missed opportunities and the uncertainty of life. It ends on a positive note about the opportunity to laugh, reminisce and nurture family at a reunion.

Jennifer L. Sylvester's poem, "The Blessings Of A Big Family" is especially relevant if a big family is gathering at a reunion. The poem talks about the uniqueness of each individual in the family and the blessing of the many special and treasured relationships that exist in large families.

Ross Porter wrote "Family Anthem" and imagined singing it to the tune of Rye Whiskey. It's a fun poem that families can enjoy singing together. The words describe the incomparable love of family and the joy of being together. The poem also describes how a mother, father, wife, husband, children, brothers, sisters and cousins are always there to provide comfort when life gets too much.