Birthday gift ideas for a girlfriend include a music device, tickets to an event, a vacation, flowers, jewelry and a game to play with her. Look for a gift that relates to her interests. Gift ideas vary based on the stage of the relationship and the budget.

If you choose to give her a music player, fill it with songs she likes. For a girl who already has a music player, buy her a gift card to a music store with song recommendations included.

Look for events she enjoys that are suitable for couples, such as a concert or a sports game. Vacation options include traveling to an exotic location, sending her on a trip with her closest friends, or taking a day trip, such as an outing for a picnic, hiking or bicycling.

Types of jewelry she may enjoy are necklaces, bangles and earrings. Buy her jewelry with the gemstone that corresponds to her birth month to make the gift more personal.

Gifts that make her more comfortable at home, such as a bath robe, pajamas or bubble bath mix, are another good choice. Consider games she enjoys, such as board games or video games. Making her a gift adds a personal touch. Custom-made gift ideas include a photo ornament or a knit scarf. A gift card to a store she enjoys is a simple and easy gift.