Some good ways to celebrate recovery include participating in special events and giving back to the community. Special events related to recovery, such as those given by drug treatment centers and recovery organizations provide a fun and interactive way to celebrate. These celebrations also help maintain sobriety since others at the event are dealing with the same issues.

There are many ways to give to the community, including donating to a fundraiser, participating in a 5K race or helping raise money for a local shelter. This provides positive activities that help to celebrate the recovery anniversary and help the community. There are also community recovery programs that might need volunteers or sponsors, providing another great option.

To celebrate recovery anniversaries, use treats and rewards as part of the celebration. Set milestones, such as reaching one month, one year or five years following recovery. This can be anything from a new outfit to getting a massage or going out for a fancy dinner.

Choose sober activities that help to celebrate the recovery without being tempted by old habits. Instead of going out to dinner with friends for the recovery, participate in an outdoor activity like going on a hike, visiting a local beach or going kayaking.