Some things to include in a wedding speech include gratitude to the bride and groom for hosting the event, personal memories, advice and quotes, recommends Speakers should make sure the content of the speech is appropriate for the audience in attendance.

A little bit of gratitude can go a long way. Offering some thanks to the bride and groom and their families can be a good way to start a speech.

Personal memories can be very meaningful in a wedding toast. Jokes, events from the past and funny memories can all work well. However, avoid going too far and revealing deep personal secrets or overly embarrassing moments. It is also important to consider the audience present. If the memory is not accessible or meaningful to most of the people in attendance, it is probably not a good choice. It is also important to include both the bride and the groom in the speech, so avoid focusing on personal touches that completely alienate one of the couple, notes

Words of advice are also often appropriate elements of a wedding speech. However, be sure to keep the tone positive.

If in doubt, include a touching or funny quote in the speech. Quotes about love usually make good choices.

Things not to include in a wedding speech include comments about sex and mentions of ex boyfriends or girlfriends, according to