A six-month wedding anniversary is special but is not traditionally celebrated with friends and family. A good way to approach the day would be to anticipate how the first-year anniversary is celebrated and plan something that does not outshine it.

Gifts may be exchanged between the couple, who might also plan a special day together, but it can be done without major expense. If others are invited to participate or attend, let it be known that no gifts are expected. Modern commercialism presses people to make much of holidays, such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries. However, close acquaintances may find it uncomfortable to participate in a six-month wedding anniversary because it is a nontraditional milestone, and divorce is so prevalent.

A nice, romantic dinner for two, fresh flowers, a thoughtful greeting card or a small present is sufficient. The thoughts behind the plans are more important than the results.

Records dating back to the Roman Empire show that the major anniversaries were celebrated with gifts of silver and gold at 25 and 50 years of marriage if both spouses lived that long. Customary anniversary gifts for the first and second year of marriage are made from flimsy materials such as paper and wood. Gifts for the following years are made from more substantial materials such as leather and metals. This may be symbolic of the longevity or durability of the union.