Some Santa Claus workshop games are Christmas Invasion, Santa's Workshop and Present Pileup. Christmas Invasion, also called Christmas Crusades, is a point-and-shoot game in which players shoot holiday treats at critters who are trying to invade Santa's workshop. In Santa's Workshop, players have a limited amount of time to locate specific items hidden inside the workshop. In Present Pileup, players drag and drop toys into boxes as they move along a conveyor belt.

In Christmas Invasion, Santa's jealous brother, who lives at the South Pole, has unleashed a horde of minions and evil elves to attack Santa's workshop. The player must build an army and set up towers to defend the workshop against 30 waves of attackers. The player begins with a set amount of gold and can use it to buy more towers and hire troops.

Santa's workshop is overrun with toys in the game Santa's Workshop. Above the game's play area, there are greyed-out images of the items that the player needs to locate. Once the player locates and clicks on an item, the gray version of it turns to color, indicating that it's been found. The items are well-hidden, and time is limited.

A stuffed bear, a beach ball, a microscope, a telescope and lumps of coal all need to be packed into present boxes and shipped in Present Pileup. The challenge is to drag and drop the gifts into the correct boxes as they quickly move along the conveyor belt. Players have one minute to pack as many toys as they can.