A nice Valentine's Day quote for kids is, "When we're together, we have such fun; Valentine, you're second to none." Another nice quote for kids to use in a Valentine's Day card to a friend is, "As good friends go, you really shine. Let's be each other's Valentine."

If kids give their friends candy with their Valentine's Day cards, they can include quotes with kid-appropriate puns. If they give gum, they can write, "I chews you as my Valentine." For gummy bears, they can write, "I'm beary happy you're my friend" or "I'm beary happy you're in my class." If they give Rolos or Tootsie Rolls, they can write, "I like the way you roll." For Starburst candies, they can write, "I'm bursting with happiness that you're my friend."

If kids decide to make their own Valentine's Day cards, they can easily draw pictures of flowers on them and write, "I'd pick you any day, Valentine." They can also draw an owl and write, "You're a hoot, Valentine" or "Owl be your friend forever, Valentine."

Kids can also write cute jokes on their cards, such as, "What kind of flowers do you never give on Valentine's Day? Cauliflowers." Another nice, kid-appropriate joke is, "What do you call two birds in love? Tweethearts."