Valentine's Day party game ideas include tossing heart-shaped bean bags into a bucket wrapped in red tissue paper or a relay race to pass Valentine's message from one person to the next. Partygoers may also enjoy a scavenger hunt to find love notes, red objects or heart-shaped eggs.

Children may enjoy matching the mate of their favorite cartoon characters in a matchmaker game. For example, the game can include cards with cartoon characters face down and each participant must turn over two cards to match the cartoon couple, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. A game of charades can involve acting out famous love scenes from movies. Another option is a game of Valentine's Day-themed Pictionary, prompting participants to draw actors from romantic movies.

A game of musical chairs may get guests up and moving. Hosts can play love songs and prompt guests to move to the music until the song stops, at which point each participant must find a seat. One chair should be removed after each round, eliminating one player from the game. A Valentine's Day-themed word game can test the knowledge of guests. Scrambled letters or words can serve as a prompt for guests to create words and phrases that are related to romance or love.