"Just because" gifts are gifts given for no clearly defined reason. Their purpose can be to encourage, express love, bring joy and good cheer, or just as acts of kindness or charity. There are no rules on what to give or how much to spend when it comes to giving someone a just because gift.

A "just because" gift needs to be carefully thought out, as it can sometimes backfire or send the wrong signal or message. The matter is complicated even further because there is no event, milestone or occasion to provide a gift buying guide. Money rarely works as a good "just because" gift because it is too impersonal and formal. However, with some care and knowledge of the recipient, "just because" gifts can make a person's day.

A few tried and tested options for a "just because" gift are a single, nicely wrapped stem of a favorite flower or even a large extravagant bouquet; chocolate or expensive candy or cookies; a bottle of wine; a CD or DVD of a favorite artist or movie; a scarf or stole; art or craft supplies; a date night or kid-free day out; a picnic; a quirky, personalized photograph, mug or T-shirt; and favorite stuffed toy.