Some good ideas for a 17th birthday include: a candy display, "Glee" theme, restaurant, park, bowling alley and dance party. When planning a party for teenagers, parents should consider the budget and whether chaperones will be present.

A 17th birthday party should take into consideration the tastes of the 17 year old and the guests. A theme can help give the party a cohesive feel. Other ideas to consider include:

  • "Twilight" theme: For a "Twilight" party, decorations can be in red and black, such as red flowers. Guests can be served red punch and other red foods.
  • Spa party: A professional can be hired to provide an in-home spa for guests, or the hosts can provide supplies for manicures and pedicures.
  • Bonfire party: If the weather is nice, a bonfire can be lit in the backyard for cooking foods on a stick, such as marshmallows. The hosts can provide the garage for dancing.