Some great first-birthday gift ideas include toys that a child can push and pull, fill and spill, sort and stack, and rock and roll. For instance, a push toy is a buggy that the child leans on and pushes. This type of gift helps the child learn to walk and build balance. After children gain experience using a push toy, they can graduate to a pull toy.

Children of this age enjoy bright colors and moving parts, such as a toy that has popping balls when it is in motion. At this age, a child starts to learn cause and effect. For instance, something that spills is gone. Some great fill-and-spill toys include sensory snap beads.

Sorting and stacking toys have many benefits for a young child. They help a child recognize shapes and colors, build core shapes and manipulate small objects. For example, blocks are a great type of sorting-and-stacking toy. A child has to use each hand for a slightly different task. One hand stacks the block while the other stabilizes it, helping the child to develop fine motor skills. Meanwhile, alphabet blocks teach a child to recognize letters.

Rocking and rolling toys, such as cars and rocking horses, help children build their balance and develop physically.