Class slogans typically indicate class pride, so a good one for 2015 is, "On a scale of 1-10, we're a 15." Mottos that show high self-esteem and use the graduation year include "W15E," "You W15h You Could Be Like Us," "Makin' H15tory," "We R15e Above All," and "Keepin' It C1A5SY."

Other slogans that specifically feature 2015 are "Can't Touch Th15," "The Best You've Ever Seen, Class of 2015," "It Took 2015 Years to Get a Class This Great," "We Are the Kings and Queens of 2015," "Keep Calm and Make H15tory," "So Fresh and So Clean, We're the Class of 2015," and "If You're Not With Us, Ra15e Your Standards."