Modern gifting ideas for the 27th wedding anniversary include music and sculptures, while gifts that are always a good choice for anniversaries include flowers, dinner, jewelry, furniture, a getaway and romantic picnics. While there are no traditional gifts associated with the 27th wedding anniversary, there are still gift ideas and options available.

There are modern options, and there are other gifts that are always in style. Whether the gift is for a spouse or friend, the 27th anniversary can be celebrated with fanfare. Try a mix CD or a gift card for music downloads for a budget-friendly gift. Tickets to a concert or opera are a more extravagant idea.

A sculpture can be traditional or modern in style. If the gift is for a spouse, the couple can visit a pottery-making studio and create a sculpture together.

Re-create the first date or the first anniversary celebration. Plan a romantic weekend getaway with 27 roses, 27 kisses and 27 reasons to stay married for another 27 years. After nearly three decades of marriage, spending quality time together alone may be the best anniversary gift possible.

As there is no specific traditional gift for the 27th wedding anniversary, give a gift that touches the heart. If music or sculptures won't be well-received, look for something that will be just right for the recipient.