Gift ideas for an office gift exchange range from quirky coffee mugs to the latest hot tech toys. Food gifts such as meat-and-cheese sampler baskets, gourmet coffees and chocolates are safe bets, maintains If the company allows it and co-workers are known to like them, wine or a microbrews may be appreciated, says Gifts people can use at work include desk gadgets such as computer cord separators, cell phone styluses and calendars with a daily saying or fact.

What to give depends on the type of exchange it is, the company culture and rules, and the people participating. Some employee circles may prize luxurious bath supplies and frown upon tasteless gag gifts, while the opposite may be true for a different crowd. One group might covet a shower massager gift; another might find it inappropriate for an office gift exchange.

Giving a gift card is easy and lets the recipient choose what he wants. Entertainment items such as board games, party games and small puzzles and toys that can live on a cubicle desk can be fun. Some offices warmly welcome gifts with a seasonal theme, such as Christmas knickknacks.

Some gifts to avoid giving are items that are too personal for the workplace, such as clothing, jewelry and perfume, advises