Some baby shower favors include decorative candy cups, baby socks filled with candy and small gift boxes stocked with egg-shaped candy. The egg-shaped candies symbolize the nesting mother. The hostess can put the candies in decorative containers, tie a ribbon around them and top the ensembles with tiny feathers.

For the busy hostess, there are several quick and easy baby shower favors that can be made. A simple yet lovely baby shower favor is an old-fashioned candy cup. The hostess of the shower only needs some baking cups, old-fashioned hard candies, cellophane, ribbon and tags. The old-fashioned candies come in a variety of colors. If the baby is a girl, the hostess can concentrate on using pink, purple and yellow candies. For a boy, she can use brown, blue, yellow and green candies. Once the candies are purchased, she needs to divide them into stiff baking cups, and wrap the container in small cellophane bags. Finally she ties the cellophane shut with a pink or blue ribbon.

Filling baby socks with candy is a popular and novel take on the shower favor. The hostess purchases enough pairs of baby socks, preferably in a color that matches the gender of the baby, to give one to each guest. Then, she fills the socks with goodies.