Creative ideas for a beach wedding include pallet-style ottomans for seating, shell bouquets and color options that don't always work well for an inside wedding. There are unique cakes that brides and grooms can get with beach themes, and they can provide flip flops for the beach part of the wedding to save the guests' shoes.

Using nautical themes at the reception to decorate the tables and featuring bottle centerpieces and bright flowers open a beach wedding up for personalization. Try different types of seating patterns. Instead of straight rows of seats, put the guests' seats in curved rows. Use the ocean and beach themes as decorations, such as putting starfish and shells on decorative strings for chairs, to indicate the bride's side from the groom's.

Using bright colors for bridesmaid dresses like deep orange, purple or blue will make them stand out against the light neutral-colored sand. Brides can pick out matching ties and accessories for the groomsmen. These colors can also move into the reception and the bouquet to tie everything together.

Beach weddings give the option for different party gifts for the guests. Offer huge fluffy beach towels, give mini bottles of champagne with sea-themed bottle decorations or have beach toys for the children at the event to keep them busy and entertained.