Birthday gift ideas for someone's 20th birthday include sports equipment, techie gifts, clothing or jewelry. The specific type of gift depends on the personality and interests of the celebrant.

Any 20-year-old who is into sports or fitness will appreciate a gift that matches their passion. For example, a golfer might like a new set of golf club covers or even a new golf bag. Someone who jogs every morning may need a sports watch to track their time, new shoes or even running clothes like shorts and a T-shirt.

Cool tech gifts are almost as fun to give as they are to receive. Consider unique gifts such as a virtual keyboard, Bluetooth wireless speakers or a portable projector. Even adults like to play with toys, and a remote-controlled helicopter or drone makes for a great way to spend their free time.

Both men and women appreciate gifts of clothing and jewelry. A nice leather jacket, soft cashmere sweater or matching hat and scarf are some thoughtful unisex clothing gift ideas. Perhaps a man's gold watch, braided leather bracelet or brushed silver ring is something he would appreciate. Most women love all kinds of baubles and bangles including gold bracelets, diamond hoop earrings and dainty pendant necklaces.