According to Family Education, personalized jewelry, a car, gift cards to her favorite boutique or store, a spa day or mobile devices, such as a Kindle, iPad or iPhone all make great memorable gifts for a "sweet 16" birthday girl. A girl's "sweet 16" birthday is a milestone in her life that is never forgotten, so finding a gift that is memorable is important for guests.

Purchasing a car for the girl's "sweet 16" is not always affordable and never makes sense for anyone other than the parents or grandparents of the birthday girl. For guests attending the party, there are a variety of gifts that work for any budget. Personalized jewelry does not have to be expensive, it can be something small like a charm bracelet or something larger, like a pair of diamond earrings with the girl's birthstone included in the setting.

Mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones and Kindles, are on the higher end of the gift-giving scale, but accessories for devices she already owns make great and affordable gift ideas. A day at the spa or a gift card to her favorite store is another possible gift for those looking for an affordable yet personal gift for a 16-year-old.