Sweet 16 party favors include anything from food to beauty products to pictures to flowers. Favors can be personalized, ordered from a store or website, or handmade by host and guest of honor. The theme of the party often simplifies the favor decisions.

Food favors include cookies, candy bars, mints and gum. The packaging can feature the guest of honor's name and birthdate. Even pictures can be included on the wrappers. Food favors can be baked, made from scratch or ordered from a local bakery or party supply store.

Beauty product favors are popular at spa parties and girls-only parties. Personalized manicure and pedicure sets, lip gloss and compacts or mirrors send guests home with a reminder of the pampering and fun from the party. The colors and patterns of these items should carry over from the color scheme and theme of the party.

Pictures from the party make memorable favors. The host parents snap a picture of each guest and the guest of honor, and then print and slip into a frame for a favor to remember, or they create a photo album of shots after the party and distribute with thank-you notes.

Even the flowers used as decorations can double as favors. The host can send guests home with bouquets of flowers from the centerpieces on the tables. Seed packets and paper flowers offer other floral party favor options. If the party is co-ed, the host can encourage boys to take the flowers home to their moms as a special gift and offer them another favor option.