Common prayers said during a wedding anniversary include, "May God bless you and grant you joy. May He deepen your love for each other" and "Lord, we thank you for this couple and for all of the years that they have had together." In the Catholic Book of Blessings, blessing numbers 94-106, 115-131 and 132-134 are used for anniversaries. Matthew 19:5,6 and Corinthians 13:4-8 are also incorporated into anniversary celebrations.

Prayers for anniversaries often include pleas for guidance, protection and blessings from God for the couple. At a religious ceremony or a vow renewal, the couple's wedding rings may be blessed with incense. Couples may pray in silence and recall their marital commitment during the ceremony. Couples may select their own favorite religious passages or write blessings for one another as an anniversary gift. Prayers, psalms and blessings may be incorporated into anniversary gifts, like keepsake boxes, plaques and photo frames.

In addition to anniversaries, couples can request blessings and prayers from friends, family and the church for special needs, hardships, a pilgrimage or other circumstances in their lives. Multiple couples may be blessed at the same time, particularly when the blessing is given in a church. The couple's faith and personal preferences should be incorporated into the blessing.