New Years Eve in Luxembourg is celebrated with food, drinks, friends and fireworks. New Years Eve in Luxembourg is celebrated very similar to the way it is celebrated in the United States.

In Luxembourg people enjoy getting together with friends and family to celebrate the New Year. It is not common to have a large meal for the holiday, but rather simple foods such as appetizers and cold plates. Deli meat, crackers, cheese and fish are served to guests. Fish is usually served at finer parties, and often oysters are served as well due to French and German influences in Luxembourg. It is also common in Luxembourg to serve fondue and butter cake in the shape of a calendar. The cake is most often served with ice cream.

People of Luxembourg also enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages on New Years Eve, and at midnight they toast to the New Year with Crémant, which is a sparkling wine. Often soup is served later in the night as well. Some people of Luxembourg celebrate with German influences and eat a marzipan pig, because pigs are thought to bring good luck for the upcoming year. Fireworks can be heard all over Luxembourg at midnight on New Years Eve, as this is a well kept tradition.