To write a letter to Santa, begin the letter with "Dear Santa Claus" or something similar. In the letter, write about whether or not you have been good this year and what you would like for Christmas. Close the letter by thanking Santa and signing your name.

Although most letters to Santa Claus follow the same format, creativity is encouraged. For example, write more than the basic present request; an especially personalized letter could mention friends and family, what you got last Christmas, plans for winter vacation or more. Thank Santa, and you can thank the reindeer and elves, as well. To make it especially nice, draw pictures on the letter, such as Christmas trees, presents or snowmen, or decorate the letter with extra colors.

After writing the letter, the next step is to send the letter to Santa. First, find an envelope that is big enough for the letter to fit in. On it, write your address and name on the top left corner of the envelope; Santa's name and address (1 North Pole) should be in the middle. After putting a stamp in the top right corner, the letter is ready to be put in the mailbox or specially delivered by a parent.