The simplest way to set up a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese is to book a reservation at Chuck E. Cheese's website and fill in the party's information. Choose a restaurant location, enter the number of guests and pick a party package that includes options for all the children attending, with special treats for the birthday child.

  1. Book online at Chuck E. Cheese's website

    Navigate to Chuck E. Cheese's website. Click the Parties and Events option on the homepage. As of 2014, there is a bonus number of extra tickets given to each child when an event is booked online.

  2. Choose the restaurant location

    Search by ZIP code or state to choose the location that best suits the party, and enter relevant information, such as the number of guests, date and time. The website has set up a user-friendly form for the guest to follow in order to confirm their attendance.

  3. Choose a party package

    Chuck E. Cheese advertises various party packages with extra options for the children, such as desserts, extra tokens or tickets, special entertainment and gifts for the birthday child. Packages and pricing vary by location, as of 2014.

  4. Pay for your party

    Enter your credit card information online through Chuck E. Cheese's secure server to pay for your party.