To prank someone with a layered Christmas gift, wrap a small gift in standard packaging. Then, add multiple layers in increasingly larger boxes that are difficult for the recipient to get through. Finish the gift with festive wrapping paper and a bow.

  1. Choose a small gift

    Select a small gift that is lightweight and sturdy, such as a piece of clothing or a gift card. Wrap the present as you normally would, using a small box and gift wrap.

  2. Add additional layers

    Wrap the small gift in a plastic bag, and secure it with staples or sturdy tape. Add another layer that takes time to unwrap, such as a layer of duct tape. Find a box that is slightly larger than your package, and fill it with confetti or paper padding. Bury the gift in the middle. Wrap the box in gift wrap, and cover it with several layers of plastic wrap.

  3. Create a difficult barrier

    Add to the fun by wrapping your gift in a layer that is difficult to get through. Wrap it in steel tape, for example, or submerge it in a cooler full of ice. Add a layer of colorful cellophane, and drop the present in a box that is considerably larger. Pad the extra space with balloons, packing peanuts, or a comical material like loose cereal. Wrap the box in gift wrap and top with a bow.