Paint a pumpkin by getting a nicely shaped pumpkin, washing the pumpkin, adding a layer of varnish, painting the pumpkin, and adding a layer of sealer. This process takes up to 1 hour, which does not include drying time. You need a pumpkin, paint, a paintbrush, varnish and sealer.

  1. Choose a pumpkin

    Choose a pumpkin with a shape that fits what you want to paint. For instance, bumps can be incorporated into a nose or ears. Make sure the pumpkin has no soft spots or holes.

  2. Wash the pumpkin

    Remove any grit and dirt by washing your pumpkin with water and a cloth. Do not scrub the pumpkin too hard.

  3. Dry the pumpkin

    Dry the pumpkin with a cloth.

  4. Add a layer of varnish

    Paint your pumpkin with a thin layer of varnish. This helps the paint to better adhere to the pumpkin.

  5. Paint the pumpkin

    After the varnish dries, paint your pumpkin. Paint one area of the pumpkin at a time, and wait for it to dry before moving on to the next area. Be thorough. If you are painting a face, paint the back and sides of the pumpkin as well.

  6. Add a layer of sealer

    After the paint is dry, add a layer of sealer.