Make anniversary party decorations and centerpieces based around the traditional materials associated with the year of marriage you are celebrating. Include personal touches, such as your wedding colors, flowers, and other mementos from your ceremony and reception.

  1. Look up the traditional material associated with your anniversary

    Find out what material is suitable for your decorations by looking up which one is associated with the year of marriage you are celebrating. For example, think up ideas for paper decorations for a first-year anniversary or silver decor for a 25th celebration.

  2. Choose the colors for your decorations

    Decide if you are going to use your wedding colors to add contrast to your decorations, or if you are going to go with a simple black or white for the background. Consider personal items, such as the flowers you used in your bridal bouquet, to help you decide on a color scheme.

  3. Gather other mementos to use in decorations and centerpieces

    Make copies of wedding photos and gather together odds and ends from your wedding day crafts, such as ribbons, leftover invitations and other trinkets. Lay out all of your supplies to see what else you may need to acquire to make the decorations and centerpieces.

  4. Make your decorations

    Make your own happy-anniversary banner with markers and ribbons. Blow up a favorite wedding day photo to poster size for every guest to sign as they come in. Create small place cards using copies of old invitations, and buy napkins and place mats to match the color scheme.

  5. Create your centerpieces

    Create a centerpiece that matches the rest of the decor, whether it is simple and elegant or fun and whimsical. For example, fill a large crystal bowl with water and place floating candles in the shape of your wedding flowers for an elegant touch, or hang little bags of candy in your wedding colors from a large tree in the center of the table for a whimsical look.