An individual can determine what to get a boyfriend for his birthday by making a list of his favorite things, hobbies and interests. A partner can use this list as a guide to locate gadgets, media, household items, do-it-yourself guides and other gifts that suit him. Referencing the couple's combined interests can make for a unique experience that both can enjoy, such as a skydiving trip.

A single interest can serve as the inspiration for dozens of gifts. Some examples include a relevant jersey, signed ball, event tickets, blanket or comparable gift based on his love of a basketball team. A pillow, DVD, t-shirt, poster or comic featuring his favorite superhero also are gifts that address a single hobby. His career is another option a partner can consider when purchasing gifts. A computer programmer may be interested in new software, while a pair of creative cuff links works well for a man who works in the business sector.

A partner can also use the relationship as a guide for boyfriend gift-giving. A serious, long-lasting relationship calls for a more meaningful and possibly expensive gift, while a new relationship may warrant a smaller, simpler gift. Handmade items, such as a framed favorite photo or painting, are also good gifts. A home-cooked meal or baked items with his favorite foods and flavors in mind also make special gifts for a boyfriend.